About department

The department of General and Comparative Linguistics (current name is General and Germanic Linguistics department) was created in 1991 as an institution necessary for classic universities). Its task since the time of its creation has been to provide high level of theoretical and practical generalization of different courses and specializations of linguistic disciplines. That is why professional and teaching staff is teaching general courses as well as carrying out scientific work in different fields of Linguistics at all departments and institutions providing various languages teaching, namely for students of specialities ‘Ukrainian language and literature’, ‘Polish language and literature’, ‘Czech language and literature’, English language and literature’, ‘German language and literature’, ‘French language and literature’. At other departments this work is provided by teachers of Latin languages.

Since its creation the department has been headed by a famous professional in spheres of General, Comparative and Slavic Linguistics, academician of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, professor V.I. Kononenko, whose scientific school investigates a set of theoretical and practical issues in these fields of knowledge. This research area determined the choice of PhD thesis under the supervision of  V.I. Kononenko and from 1991 till 2019  48 PhD thesis have been defended. Theoretical basis of thesis written under professor V.I. Kononenko’s supervision gave the possibility to publish theoretical monograph ‘Predicate in semantic-syntactic structure of a sentence’.

As a part of scientific work international conference ‘Semantics of Language and Text’ is held every three years. A lot of scientists not only from Ukraine, but also from Austria, Poland and Czech Republic etc take part in conference work. ХІІІth international conference ‘Semantics of Language and Text’ took place on the 28th of September 2018, its materials evoked big response in Ukraine as well as abroad.